House knows: Everything sucks.

Recently, someone is trying to piss me of, so… Let me put things straight:

Hello everyone. Welcome, this is my tumblr.

That means it’s MINE.

It’s not a republic, that means i don’t care if you don’t like, or want it to be another way.

It’s a private profile in a social network, so i’ll post everything that i want (respecting the terms of use of tumblr, course).

If you have something cool to say, contact me, please. Will be a pleasure talk to someone with good vibes or constructive ideas.

If you disagree with my posts, points of view, thoughts, and something else, please don’t waste your time telling me, or trying to piss me off. I’m very pacient, it’s not gonna work, and probably you will get nervous because i’m very ironic and sarcastic, so… If you are this person, please unfollow me. Or better: Never visit my blog again! I bet this sounds great for you.

I hope everyone have a nice day.

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